“This offer is nuts… I’ve made $80,300 in commissions … With EPCs close to $5 per click. I know you take care of my customers so I can feel GOOD about promoting this.”  

- Jason Parker


The Product - Six Figure Apprentice

When you recommend our content-packed evergreen webinar we offer a "Done For You" package that gives your customers their very own network of ready-made membership sites. Your customers will be able to build their very own targeted list of subscribers, and generate sales with 10 proven sales funnels, complete with pdf reports, audio and video training, as well product reviews and ongoing promotions. Literally everything they need to start their own profitable online business is provided - including, of course, full training and support from us.  

Your Commissions

The webinar offer sells for $1997 or a split pay of 2x$1099.  

You get paid:  

- $1,000 commissions on the full pay. - $500 commissions on each of the 2-pay installments ($1,000 total).  

We also have an optional partnership/coaching upgrade. 

You get paid:  

- $1,000 commissions on the upgrade.  

In addition to the webinar, every lead also goes through our tested and proven follow up sequence with further offers that pay you also, including:

- $250 commissions on a $497 follow up offer. - $250 commissions on a $497 upsell.

Finally we have a downsell sequence that gives people the chance to spread the cost of the main offers with a payment plan. You get: 

- 12 x $100 commissions on the webinar offer split pay ($1,200 total).
- 6 x $45 commissions on the follow up offer split pay ($270 total).

We're constantly testing new offers to add to the funnel and with lifetime hard-coding of leads you'll get commissions any other offers we add. 

This is an offer that keeps paying you loooong after your promote. In fact, partners email us wondering where sales keep coming from!

“When I integrated the offer at the bottom of my download page on a recent launch it brought me an extra $17,000 in commissions and sales are STILL coming in each month”  

 - Eric Holmlund

Easy Ways To Promote

While this is built with an automated webinar, our custom evergreen scarcity system ensures that our automated campaigns simulate (and convert like) a real live webinar campaign. You have the flexibility to promote in a number of different ways:  

1 - ‘Like Live’ Webinar (Broadcast)

Just like a regular live webinar campaign you can promote a fixed time webinar with a hard deadline to close the offer down.  

You have a choice of running our standard high-converting control webinar, or a personalized webinar with your own introduction.  

We’ll handle all of the setup and make it ridiculously easy to promote and our conversion boosters ensure every click you send is maximized.  

2 - Email integration (Follow up)

Once you’ve got a taste of easy commissions with the ‘like live’ webinar you’ll probably want to keep those payments rolling in. You can integrate this offer into any follow up sequence, and we can even develop a custom sequence just for you with evergreen scarcity that mimics a live campaign and maxmizes conversions for you.  

3 - Download/Members page integration

One of the easiest ways to promote is just to integrate the offer into a download or members area page. We’ll show you our proven approach that will increase your results at the same time as building goodwill with your customers so that they actually thank you for promoting.

“I’m REALLY impressed... Just promoting it through my thank you page has made me $40,103.50 in commissions.” 

 - Aaron Sustar

Reasons To Promote

Reason #1 - Super Solid EPCs:  

Tested and proven with over $1.7 million in sales, here's some of the (net) $/lead from partners who promoted the original version of the webinar:  

Eric Holmlund - $9.32/lead Aaron Sustar - $13.87/lead John Thornhill - $16.88/lead David Sechoviz - $17.85/lead Jonathan Teng - $9.08/lead Jon Bowtell - $17.53/lead  

The new presentation is converting even better with JVs getting over $25/lead and one JV getting a massive $74,400 in commissions from just 826 registrations.

Reason #2 - High Quality Product That Actually Gets Results  

This program has generated more first time income for our customers than anything we’ve ever released. 

We have customers sending us raving testimonials - praising their results and more importantly our support - case studies from other partners, all helping to boost conversions.  

Reason #3 - Massive Goodwill For Your List  

You can "Give Away" the webinar access as a bonus training and instantly add more value to any existing offer and have your list thank you for it.  

Anyone that doesn’t buy can still take the free content and strategies and use them right after the call to start building a list of their own.  

Reason #4 - Low Refunds So You Keep More  

Our current refund rate is less than 3% which is unheard of for a $1997 offer. Customers are happy and you get to keep more of what you make.  

Reason #5 - Ongoing “Hands Off” Sales With Lifetime Tracking  

You get paid on other mid-to-high ticket sales made in our follow up series too without any extra effort. 

Partners actually email us wondering why they keep making sales!  

Reason #6 - Custom Promo Tools  

We’ll develop custom registration pages, order pages (if you want to add a bonus) replay pages and webinar experience. Whatever you need.  

Reason #7 - Truly ‘Set And Forget’ Promotion  

Many partners just plug in the link once and get paid month after month. It's the offer that keeps on giving, even when you’ve forgotten about it.  

“I’m pleased to know I’ve made $7,679.50 just by plugging your offer into a thank you page for my own subscribers. Not bad for 10 minutes of work!” 

 - Jay Boyer


If you have any questions at all, please get in touch:  

EMAIL: Richard.Legg [at] Gmail.com SKYPE: Richardegg  

Richard Legg

Skipped all the way to the bottom??

Here's what you missed...  

  • High converting $1997 evergreen offer pays $1,000 per sale.  
  • Your customers get 10 membership sites, all setup to get them leads and sales.  
  • Optional upgrade pays you extra $1,000 commissions.
  • Additional offers paying $250 - $500 in the follow up.
  • Get paid on all future backend sales with lifetime cookies.
  • Fully tested and proven with over $2 million in sales and over $720,000 paid to affiliates so far.